Our goal is to leave you with a completely cleaned gutter system and no signs that we’ve been there. This means all debris will be hand scooped from your gutter system, placed in bags and removed from your property so there is no mess left behind. Since we clean each foot of your gutters by hand, we can ensure a thorough job. We finish the job by flushing your gutter system, making sure all downspouts are flowing well, because a clean gutter is pointless if the downspout is acting like a dam.

Gutters and leaders should be cleaned and inspected a minimum of twice per year. If there are a lot of trees near the gutters then cleaning more often than twice is recommended. Gutters should be carefully examined in the spring for winter storm damage and to be sure that spring rains will flow through the roof drainage system freely. The gutters and leaders should be inspected again in the fall when leaves, limbs and other autumn debris should be removed.

The pitch of the gutters, the condition of the hanger system, and the leaders and downspouts should be checked during the biannual inspections and any problems corrected. Missing flashing, or rotting facia boards can be addressed at that time.